Tight Fit Theatre presents William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Tight Fit Theatre presented arguably Shakespeare's greatest tragedy in an exhilarating new production to launch their tenth anniversary season.

Scotland is a country scarred by war - its King seen as weak and vacillating - its future uncertain. Cometh the hour cometh the man - a hero who will murder his way to the top spurred on by his young wife, her veins coursing with an unhealthy lust for power, and led onto his path by three witches with their own agenda. Mark Oldknow directs this powerful and bloody play creating an evening which is bound to thrill. The Wycombe Swan's resident company remains committed to producing visually dynamic work with an emphasis on textual clarity.

Order a copy of the DVD (Cast and Crew only)
Free, unabridged version of the 1606 script.
Macbeth photos by Tim Hill
Review by Helen Sharman of the Guild of Drama Adjudicators

2005 Time(s) Title Author Location Booking Co.
6th - 8th
Thu-Sat 8pm
Thur 1.30 pm
Macbeth William Shakespeare Wycombe Swanin the old
Town Hall
at the
Wycombe Swan
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