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Thinking of joining us?

We sometimes accept work experience placements, usually as ‘Theatre Assistants’ in Beaconsfield or High Wycombe, Bucks, UK. Please see our published Production Schedule for other locations. Being a small theatre company (we are not a venue) we can accommodate Placements only during appropriate planning, rehearsal, performance, and technical periods. Your availability, flexibility and transport arrangements are important.

During a planning period, the skills most often used are at the desk or dealing with customers (10am-4pm). During the rehearsal period you may be helping keep 'the book' or busy finding props or painting scenery (10am-5pm). During performances, you could be working backstage or front-of-house (5pm-10.30pm). When we are providing technical support to a production you may help preparing scenery to customer's specification, as in the photo above.

Placements receive whatever training and supervision is necessary. We will need to meet you beforehand to judge how you will fit in.

Please note:

If after all that, you would still like to be considered for a Placement with the company please join our auditions mailing list and you will hear about opportunities as soon as they arise and then you may apply to be a Placement. Further information will be given at that time. You have nothing to lose, may hear about a good opportunity, and we won't give your email address to anyone else.

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