Alan Bennett's Talking Heads, a series of monologues written for television, do not translate easily to the stage. Each demands fierce clarity of characterisation and narrative form the actor to engage our attention. Tight Fit Theatre's second selection, directed by Mark Oldknow, does not disappoint. Three isolated white backdrops, a few pieces of furniture and atmospheric lighting add to the performances rather than distract.

First, Louise Metcalf in Bed Among the Lentils - a portrait of the down-trodden wife of a vicar, who turns to drink and an Asian grocer for solace, rather than God. Her wistful performance provoked sympathy and finally, pleasure at her small triumph in creating a small corner of life for herself by attending AA meetings.

Lainy Scott gave us Her Big Chance, a naïve wannabe actress, who is blissfully unaware that she has landed a part in a soft porn video. Her earnest protestations of professionalism, delivered in a light Essex accent, were spot on. This actress should be congratulated on such a polished performance since she stepped in at 3 days notice.

Finally, came the poignant Cream Cracker under the Settee - the description of a determined, independent pensioner who would rather die than end up in a home. Jenny Quille maintained the delicate balance between irascibility and vulnerability with superb precision. It is hard to deliver a speech when lying full length on the floor, this actress made it look easy.

All three characters breathed life into Bennett's elegantly crafted script and the whole added up to an enjoyable thought-provoking evening which deserved a bigger audience.

Helen E Sharman GoDA