Before you take the plunge and enrol, you may want to look at earlier Summer Schools' web pages including a description of what we get up to and some photos of the outcomes. Tight Fit Theatre in Education Summer Schools have been held in 1997 , 1998 , and 1999 . Click on the year to see.
We have provided you with four ways to enrol - see below.
To enrol on the Summer School you may either:
  1. Complete the reverse of the card (if you have one) and post it to us.
  2. Download a PDF application form by clicking here, print it and post it to us.
    You will need a PDF renderer such as Acrobat Reader for PalmOS, PocketPC, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, AIX, SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX, D Unix, & OS/2. For RISC OS see !PDF
  3. Complete the online enrolment form by clicking here, or
  4. Telephone 0870 745 0 977

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