The Merchant of Venice

Production photographs by Mark Oldknow (first published here 18/11/2004)

The thumbnail images below lead you to individual pages where the original scanned image is (possibly partially) displayed on the page; try scrolling around. For screen display purposes the images need to be reduced to about 25% but if you are going to print the image, use the original big version. You will first need to save the image (if you are using Windows, right-click on the picture and use the menu), then load it into the programme of your choice where you'll probably need to scale the image to 66% to print it on A4 paper. They come out looking pretty good here. Please respect our copyright. I don't expect to see them appear anywhere without our permission. Members of the cast may make as many copies of themselves as they see fit.

A_24400000 A_24400001 A_24400002 A_24400003 A_24400005 A_24400006
A_24400007 A_24400008 A_24400009 A_24400010 A_24400011 A_24400012
A_24400013 A_24400014 A_24400015 A_24400016 A_24400017 A_24400018
A_24400019 A_24400020 A_24400021 A_24400022 A_24400023 A_24400024
A_24400025 A_24400026 A_24400027 A_24400028 A_24400029 A_24400030
A_24400031 A_24400032 A_24400033 A_24400034 A_24400035 A_24400036
B_24410001 B_24410002 B_24410003 B_24410004 B_24410005 B_24410006
B_24410007 B_24410008 B_24410009 B_24410010 B_24410011 B_24410012
B_24410013 B_24410014 B_24410015 B_24410016 B_24410017 B_24410018
B_24410019 B_24410020 B_24410021 B_24410022 B_24410023 B_24410024
B_24410025 B_24410026 B_24410027 B_24410028 B_24410029 B_24410030
B_24410031 B_24410032 B_24410033 B_24410034 B_24410035 B_24410036
B_24410037 C_24390001 C_24390002 C_24390003 C_24390004 C_24390005
C_24390006 C_24390007 C_24390008 C_24390009 C_24390010 C_24390011
C_24390012 C_24390013 C_24390014 C_24390015 C_24390016 C_24390017
C_24390018 C_24390019 C_24390020 C_24390021 C_24390022 C_24390023
C_24390024 C_24390025 C_24390026 C_24390027 C_24390028 C_24390029
C_24390030 C_24390031 C_24390032 C_24390033 C_24390034 C_24390035
C_24390036 C_24390037

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