Review, Bucks Free Press Jack and the Beanstalk

in December 2005

Tight Fit Theatre in the Community


> Jack and the Beanstalk

by Mark Oldknow

“They loved the ad-libbing which was very funny and both came out saying it was the best panto they had ever been to!”

Production Photographs

A page of 70 thumbnails (of approx 4K each) lead to 70 individual images (of approx 38K each) which in turn lead to the original images, as scanned from 1600 ASA negatives by Boots (of approx 423K each). The only changes I have made are in orientation.Look at photos.

200Tech tech.gif (8.6MB) A roughly seventeen second movie. One frame was taken every ten minutes during parts of the fit-up, technical stuff and rehearsals - both in and out of costume. Playback of all 213 frames is set at 12½ frames per second 384x216 (widescreen). It loops at the end, just to fool you. The small version here is only 5 seconds.
Download a free 17 second movie (8.6MB)

Press Photos by Tim Hill press_photos - 6 images

Tight Fit Theatre in the Community presented again arguably its favourite panto in an exhilarating new production to continue our tenth anniversary season.

Jack sells cow. Gets beans. Grows beanstalk and climbs it. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Perhaps to some surprise he isn't the idiot of the piece. With Mark Oldknow as the Dame, Nell Charleston as Jack, and ex-Mayor of Beaconsfield, Paul Henry as the King.

2005 Time(s) Title Author Location Co.
21th - 24th
Jack and the Beanstalk Mark Oldknow > Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield Tight Fit Theatre in the Community

In 2001, Tight Fit Theatre in the Community's pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk
"delighted the audience ... the younger members of the audience were entranced ... one of the best pantomimes I have seen in ages" - Bucks Free Press

After babes in the Wood in 2004 an audience member wrote:
"We have been to TFT's pantomines for the last three years and they have always been brillant."

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