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Bouncers - 1990s remix

by John Godber

Performed by Tight Fit Theatre at the Wycombe Swan Town Hall 16-19 September 1998

About the play .....

As with Godber's other well known work Teechers, there is a serious side to this comedic piece. Whereas Teechers depicts the school system and our attitudes towards public schools in particular, Bouncers seems to poke fun at the idea of "Social Comment".

As relevant today as it was when first published in the early eighties, Bouncers is set in a northern nightclub where the bouncers show and tell the audience how some of the clientele behave before, during, and after their visit to Mr Cinders. There is a scene at the door where several pairs of hopeful male customers try to gain admittance past two of the bouncers. Some succeed, but the reasons for turning away others do not seem logical to the bouncers themselves.

Performed by only four actors, the roles are demanding, to say the least. Each of the four actors plays the part of a bouncer who in turn depicts other young men and women, as the situation demands. The roles-within-the-role vary from lager-lout to nightclub tart.

From an actor's perspective, one of the most difficult aspects of the part comes late in the play when a switch has to be made from the very drunk lager-lout back to a bouncer. Even when acting, the body seems to take a while to sober up.


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