Some might call it a sick addiction, they call it love

Tight Fit Theatre in the Community presented a classic piece of 20th Century theatre. Amanda and Elyot have divorced and remarried - they meet, by chance, and the passion which engulfed their relationship is re-ignited.
Fleeing their new spouses they soon re-discover what drove them apart.

Witty and seductive, Coward's masterpiece shone through the last century and finds a new home at the Wycombe Swan Town Hall.

An amateur performance by permission of Samuel French Ltd


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2005 Time(s) Title Author Location Co.
9th - 11th
Thu-Sat 8pm
Sat 2.30 pm
Private Lives Noel Coward Wycombe Swanin the old
Town Hall
at the
Wycombe Swan
Tight Fit Theatre in the Community

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