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(the photograps included on this page were taken at the 1997 Summer School)
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Set out below is an outline of the event to give you a flavour of the content of its workshops. Our very able trainers will adapt to the needs of the participants as the week unfolds and at the end of the course the whole team shows everyone the result of a very busy but enjoyable week.

The event will take place at the Beacon Theatre from 27 - 31 June 1998. Each day begins at 10am and ends at 4pm, except Friday, which finishes at 9pm after the free show for family and friends.

A team of fully qualified and experienced theatre practitioners and instructors will lead participants through every aspect of the world of theatre to gain an understanding of, and opportunities for hands-on experience in, the disciplines specified. The course is designed to allow as much individual tuition as possible, so that each member of the team gains as much or as little as they wish in all of the areas mentioned below.


Through group and one-to-one tuition, the participants explore techniques to improve their stage presence. Depending upon their level of experience, we provide basic, intermediate or advanced training in how to give the very best on a stage.



By using a combination of traditional and modern acting methods, we investigate ideas of how to create a character, and how to portray it successfully in both production and workshop environments.


Accent, projection and sensitivity are all integral parts of a performance, and can be used to enhance an individual's understanding and presentation of dramatic material. We help participants develop their skills and use them in their show.



In order that the group understands the full workings of a professional theatre company, they are consulted and asked to be involved at all levels of the week's creative processes relating to their show.


Using structured games as a starting point, we encourage the participants to develop their own ideas, which may be incorporated in the final performance.



Even the least coordinated individual will be able to use this as a technique in performance by the end of the week.


Linked closely to movement, this part of the workshop is to learn choreographic skills and, through experimentation, formulate a finished sequence.


The general principles of lighting are straightforward, so we will dispel the myth that only an electrician with a physics degree can operate and enjoy lighting. Hands-on experience will be given.



A combination of recorded and live sounds are used to build a soundscape. This skill is essential in the theatre and an integral part of any production.


By using stylized and fantastic effects we demonstrate how step by step application can simply change the face or create horrific scars and wounds.

The training will be led Mark Oldknow, and Carla Quelch, . Other guest trainers, including sound and lighting engineers and make-up artists, have accepted invitations to attend.

(In Education)

Summer Workshops
for young people aged 8 to 14
27 - 31 June 1998
beacon theatre

(10am-4pm Mon-Thur, 10am-9pm Fri)
free show for family and friends 7.30pm Fri.

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