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This page is for our associate partners - members of the cast and crew - who may buy copies of their shows on DVD. These are not available to the public or intended for viewing by anyone else and are for record purposes only. Short extracts may be taken by performers to illustrate their skills to others. Anyone not entitled to copies who nevertheless attempts to purchase a copy or copies will receive a refund only at our discretion.

The shows so far covered below have either made a loss, or the profit has already been shared. We hope everyone accepts that we have to make the token charge of £5 for each DVD (plus 50p P&P) to help keep editing software and hardware up-to-date and cover the costs of production. If you don't have an existing PayPal account, its a means by which you can pay with plastic. Once you have paid we will contact you by email. You can send a cheque instead but please add a 50p transaction charge to cover extra bank charges: by all means use the checkout to calculate your total and print it without paying online, add another 50p and send your cheque. Postal address will be provided on application.

Macbeth 2005
Recorded at the Wycombe Swan Town Hall 7th October, 2005. This DVD is available only to members of the cast and crew. Video: 720x576x32, 25 fps interlaced. Duration 1:47:50;09. MPEG-2. Widescreen. £5 + 50p P&P
Women of Troy 2005
Recorded at the Broadway Studio Theatre, 11th March 2005. This DVD is available only to members of the cast and crew. Video: 720x576x32, 25 fps progressive. Duration 1:26:33;05. MPEG-1. £5 + 50p P&P.

Women of Troy

Please note that no other shows are available at this time but others are being worked upon and will be added here as soon as they are available. By all means use the 'contact us' button below to ask about the status of others.

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