Murder Mysteries

Red Lantern

present a selection of Murder Mysteries in association with

Tight Fit Theatre

For fun or for funding, we guarantee a challenging evening.
Call 01494 681096 or use the 'Write' button below to find out more.

The Act of Murder

The Nineteenth Hell

For Whom the School Bell Tolls

written by Carla Quelch and Mark Oldknow

The Act of Murder A group meet to rehearse a new play for the London stage but someone will die and someone is guilty. Performed and improved since 1997, this Murder Mystery has never failed to impress.The Nineteenth Hell is set at Southfields Golf Club. A committee meets but becomes caught up in the murder of one of their number. Ideal for - but not limited to  - Golf Club functions. For Whom the School bell Tolls is set in a school staffroom. The staff will all claim innocence but one of them did it!

Performed by appointment and tailored to fit your space. Intended to assist in fund raising for organisations but available for evenings devoted to fun too! The Mystery Murderers' Murder Mysteries are unique and neither available as, nor drawn from, published 'games' or scripts. If you haven't experienced one of our murder mysteries, you have never have seen one. Please click the 'Write' button below, or call Tim Hill on 01494 681096 to discuss your needs, or we may come 'round and kill you as the basis for one of more than a dozen new mysteries in development. We enjoy creating these things so much, we'll write a new mystery just for you. And kill someone.

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