The Wycombe Arts Centre

A side-view of WAC

The Wycombe Arts Centre was an old Victorian primary school - with a more modern office extension - which was a bit worn out. Years ago it was given to High Wycombe by the County Council to meet the need for an Arts Centre in the town. Unfortunately, the District Council were apparently incapable of recognising its value and failed to maintain it. Someone was telling me the other day about what happened after it closed and why it has now been demolished. Apparently, the District Council flogged the site to some developers and shovelled the cash into their general fund and it has been lost forever. All I have to say is to remind councillors everywhere that the assets you are allowed to look after belong to the people of 'your' town, not to the council or any other body, to do with as they wish. Just another example of politicians who can't be trusted. Hands up everyone who thinks that councillors may have trousered a bribe. Where is the town's relacement Arts Centre? The developers should have been forced to provide this as a condition to their planning consent. You get roundabouts that way, don't you? tjrh 2006

the WAC's front door!!

[boogi2.jpg] Examples of the musical entertainment available at the WAC from time-to-time. [boogie.jpg]

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