August - December
Maintenance of Jack and the Beanstalk and Twelfth Night.
Added Summer workshops, updated links to the Swan's new site
April - June
Added The Tempest, Jack and the Beanstalk.
Added  Oedipus Rex reviews.

www.tightfittheatre.co.uk is full. The overflow is stored at www.timil.com/tft2 alongside the mirror in www.timil.com/tft. Please let me know if you come across any broken links due to this. (Only Bouncers '98 is there so far.)
Began updating the Bouncers '98 photos.
Added Oedipus Press Releases and photographs of cast.
Improved Robin Hood gallery.
Updated affiliates.
'Earnest' added.
Caught some more unreferenced files.
Added Cinderella's Production Gallery and pre-show publicity.
Added Macbeth October 2000 production Gallery and the Uxbridge Gazette review.
Added Midsummer Night's Dream pre-tour publicity.
Also: fixed all the broken links reported by !LinkCheck. So many that everything should now work. Site is now 1256 files, 20 Mb and full. Oh Dear.
Removed files for Bouncers '98 to prepare them offline for better presentation.
Bouncers pre-show publicity added
Cinders pages altered to include large cast photo and correct errors.
Added a WAP page here.
Added Chats Palace
Added an index to all the venues.
Added a page to show the New Writing pre-show publicity
Tidied up the Oedipus Rex Home Page
Put the On Location Review on a web page.
Added Grease
Generally tidied up and put more images on web pages.

Added the review of The Mysteries: the Passion, performed in Beaconsfield
Created the Phonician Women Production Gallery.
Moved Flash Gordon from Old to New.