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Chris Williams, Antony Sendall, Paul Bacon, Dave Capstick, Jenny Whatley, Manda Capstick, and Hannah Robertson.

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Brenda and Jerry
by Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna

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Jerry - Antony Sendall
Brenda - Hannah Robertson
Directed by Aby Bery


Johnny and Wilma
by Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna

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Johnny - Paul Bacon
Wilma - Jenny Whatley
Directed by Justin Davey


Mike and Susan
by Renée Taylor and Joseph Bologna


Susan - Hannah Robertson (Friday: Aby Bery)
Mike - Antony Sendall (Friday: Justin Davey)
Directed by Justin Davey


On Tidy Endings

by Harvey Fierstein

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Marion - Jenny Whatley
June - Manda Capstick
Jimmy - Chris Williams
Arthur - Dave Capstick

Directed by Carla Quelch


Stage Manager - Alan Smithee
Lighting & sound - Tim Hill
assisted by Alice Collier
Front-of-House - Carla Quelch
and Red Hoult

Photos referenced by this page kindly supplied by Antony Sendall and Nick Andrews.

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